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THIS MORNING is an All-Age Service with everyone welcome.                                                           Inspire 17th August to 21st
The Theme is: ‘What is a Christian?’ with special guest speaker.                                                    August 2018 is a Christian
                                                                                                                    family regional camp run by
The Offering taken will be for Roger Morgan’s organisation                                                          NewWine for the Yorkshire
Mathetes Trust as an expression of thanks for his hard work among                                                   area. It includes great
us.                                                                                                                 worship with adult, youth &
                                                                                                                    children’s programmes. It
                          A big thank you to everyone who has                                                       takes place at Hollybush Farm
                          helped, prayed or taken part in                                                           in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
                          everything we have done this week for
                                                                                                                    A small group of us attended
                                North Wingfield. Your support has                                                   last year & had a wonderful
                         been amazing and greatly appreciated.                                                      time. We are going again this
                                                                                                                    year and wondered if anyone
                         Help St. Lawrence Pre-School raise money for                                               else would like to come?
                         their DREAM PLAYGROUND during July and
                         August. If you shop at Tesco’s, please ask for a                                           Inspire is camp & caravan
                         token and place it in the slot marked St.                                                  based but it is possible to
                         Lawrence Pre-School. The box                                                               book bed and breakfast
                         with the most will win a cash                                                              nearby & attend on a daily
                         donation.                                                                                  basis.
                         With kindest Thanks
                                                                                                                    If you would like to go, please
                                                          HOPE FOR LIFE       Need help with refreshments for       have a chat with Colin or
                                                            MINISTRIES                                              Linda.
                                                                               the mornings of Tuesday 26th
                                                       A very big thank you
                                                         in the wonderful         June, Thursday 28th June,
                                                         name of Jesus for
                                                                              Tuesday 3rd July and Thursday
                                      your love, support and prayers for
                                     the recent mission to Romania. All                        5th July.
                                     our prayers were answered and God       If you are able to help, please speak
                                      opened many doors to minister to
                                                                                   to Margaret Tuck or Candy
                                       hurting people and to share the
THURSDAY 28TH JUNE—6.45PM                             Gospel.                        TEAM DAILY PRAYER
Lisa Reeve is arranging an evening
for the ladies to go out for a meal                Loving Jesus              The North Wingfield Team Clergy pray together most week day mornings
at the Snooker Centre, Clay Cross.             Pam, Les and Mark
An evening of chatter and laughter.                                          and anyone is very welcome to join:-
Please speak to Lisa if you would
like to book a place.                                                        Monday  8.30am St. Lawrence’s, North Wingfield

                                                                             Tuesday 8.30am St. Mary’s Church, Pilsley

                                                                             Wednesday 8.30am St. Bartholomew’s, Clay Cross

                                                                             Thursday 8.30am St. Barnabas Centre Danesmoor.

                                                                             Friday  8.30am St. John’s, Tupton
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