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During the Service      Please pray for                                                                                News for You!
Offering bags will be   1. Pastoral Care & Music Team.
passed along the        2. St Lawrence Clergy, Lay Readers, New Church Wardens,                                        22ND APRIL 2018  ST LAWRENCE CHURCH
pews, should you
wish to make an             Treasurers, Vergers, Dad’s Army and all who support in prayer                        Ser-  vice tonight     Evening
offering and if you         and other voluntary ways.
are a taxpayer you      3. Our Church Family at St Lawrence’s and across the Team.              SPECIAL POINTS
can also use the        4. Lynn Hayler as she takes up her ministry in St. Mary’s & the            OF INTEREST
white gift-aid              Team.
envelopes found         5. The Government & all political leaders, that God’s hand will be                                              Thank you to all
along the pew               felt in all their decisions.                                                                                those who
aisles. Your offerings  6. Those who work in the NHS trying to give patients the best care.                                             helped at Last
are used to support     7. All the younger members of our community.                                                                    Tuesday’s
St Lawrence Church      8. Mission 2018 ‘Love North Wingfield’.                                                                         Messy Church,
and its work within     9. The homeless on our streets & for those who try to care for them.                                            either on the
the community.          10. Hope for Life Ministries-Protection & God’s vision for the future.                                          day or behind
                        11. The people in Syria.                                                                                        the scenes. The
With Kind               12. Peace, safety & love for those caught up in tragedy & disaster.                                             afternoon was
Thanks                  13. St. Lawrence Pre-school                                                                                     a great success
                        14. Good attendance at the Spring Concert next Saturday.                                                        & yet again
                                                                                                                                        was very well
We’re on the web!                                                                                      attended. Your
                                                                                                                                        help is very
Please Pray for :                         Emergency?           NEWS FOR                                ♥♥♥              PARISH          much valued
                                         Need prayer?              YOU!                                                  OFFICE         and very much
Sarah Hargreaves                                                                                    PARISH               HOURS          appreciated.
Arthur Holmes                                01246            In an effort to                      OFFICE             OPENING          Without your
Hannah Kinsell - Pray that she remains        851990         become a more                          HOURS                HOURS          support, it could
cancer free                             Our Prayer Line                                           OPENING                               not happen.
Jane Edwards (John Elton’s sister)      partners will start     eco-friendly                        HOURS                               Thank You, Colin
Scott & Natalie Hegarty                    praying. It’s           Church,
Sue & John Greenhalgh                     confidential &                                        Mon 9.00-12.00
Claire Kime                                  effective!      News For You!
Irene & Derek Onion                                             and Rotas                       Tues 9.00-2.00
Lewis Elton on his recent deployment                           are available
Julie’s new bungalow                                            online NOW                      Wed Day Off

                                                             If you would like                  Thurs 9.00-6.45                    PRAYER CONCERT TONIGHT!
                                                             to receive a copy                                   Sunday 22nd April at 6pm in St. Lawrence’s Church for
                                                                                                Fri 9.00-10.00
                                                               See Melanie                                                             North Wingfield Mission
                                                                                                                 It has been great to see so much prayer support for the
         Rev Colin Cooper                    Parish Office 01246 852281-                                        North Wingfield Mission. Could I please encourage you
                                           Rectory School Rooms, St Lawrence
The Rectory, St Lawrence Road, North                                                                                         to make this a priority. Thanks Colin
            Wingfield, S42 5HX.                                 Road
                                         North Wingfield, Chesterfield, S42 5HX
 Tel: 01246 851181 or 07794 845205 or
          Colin’s day off is Friday. 
                                         (Please note Karen’s working hours are

                                            9.00am-12.00 noon every Monday)
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