The Rectory,

St. Lawrence Road.

24 March 2020

Dear Friends,

As each day passes since the Coronavirus crisis began, the sense of uncertainty and for some, fear, increases. It is my hope to help keep St. Lawrence Church together as a community by writing a regular letter which will appear on our website and from the heart of a streamed message on our new Facebook page. I hope what I write and say will encourage and comfort you.

I recently came across an article about the early church. In AD 362 there was a plague. As the plague progressed the Roman Emperor, no less, noticed the number of Christians was growing. Interestingly, although not a Christian himself, he attributed this to the love and kindness believers were showing to people. It was said of them, ‘See how they love each other’. Their love stood out and it was noticed. As someone once said, ‘Everyone understands love’.

The Coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to show love both to each other as believers and to our neighbours.

Of course, we must strictly adhere to government guidelines of not going out and social distancing but here is another way in which the crisis encourages us to be creative. We need to be creative in answering the question how can I show genuine love and kindness without making physical contact?

That question can move us to prayer. How about asking the Lord how you might show his love today in a creative (outside of the box) way?

For some, the days ahead are going to get tedious. How about using the time to get familiar with one book of the Bible? Choose one and do all you can to find out more about it: Who wrote it? Why was it written? Who was it written to? What is it saying to me? These are the questions you could ask as you engage with your chosen book.

One important way we are trying to love each other at St. Lawrence is making sure we all keep in touch with each other. We have a new Facebook page; I am also aware of several What’s App groups and we have our virus buddy system up and running. However, please keep a look out for any who have not been included. So, keep safe and keep to the virus protocols.;

With love in Christ,


(Rector St. Lawrence Church)



  • New Facebook page.

  • Triplet books – I’ve been greatly blessed by two books recently and warmly recommend them: ‘How to Pray’ by Pete Grieg (Hodders) and ‘Soaking in the Spirit’ by Carol Arnott (Destiny Image).

  •  Our church website on

  •  Neil Ward on 07494432339 permission granted to share this number) available for prayer or talk every evening between 7 and 9pm.

  • Julia Gillot offers support for older people with shopping or phone chat.

  • Dave Simkins wanting to be available to make food parcels, sandwiches and get dairy produce for any feeling isolated. Any offers of help to Dave.

  • Margaret Tuck making a list of elderly folk connected to St.Lawrence Church.

  • Colin Cooper’s contact numbers: Landline 01246 851181, Mobile 07794 845205.

  • Colin Cooper’s email addres (Please note all offers of help assume virus protocols will be observed).